The Elgin Marbles should remain in Britain. While much of the debate on repatriation is very complex, in my opinion, the fact that these pieces were legally purchased simplifies the matter.

Also, I disagree with the argument that the pieces would be better comprehended in their original environment. Their “original” environment is a place in time that happened far in the past. The context includes the ancient Greek culture’s affect on western civilizations. We experience this Greek culture throughout school and in a variety of contexts, so I don’t see why artifacts are better experienced in attempts to recreate the past than in museums. The Greek Museum. The Greek culture of today is  too different  from Pericles’ Athens for the argument to hold much water with me.

Finally, the fact that London, and the British Museum receive so many visitors makes me want valuable pieces to be there, so that they will be better appreciated. If only there was some museum body that could safely rotate pieces between countries, but since there’s not, it makes little sense to take the Elgin Marbles through advantageous journey to a city that can’t afford to take care of them so that less people can appreciate them. And who can claim that the quality of the appreciation would be so much better that it’d be worth the risk?