When I first entered the exhibition, I desperately needed to find a bathroom. Kelly, based on misinformation from one of the museum employees thought there was restroom access from within the exhibition. Following her through a closed door led us to the end, with no bathroom in sight. So my journey through the Water Color Exhibit did not follow the guidelines.

Overall, I thought the exhibit was fantastic, I enjoyed how they juxtaposed such contrasting methods for using water colors within the space of the exhibit. It was interesting to see watercolor miniatures and maps alongside more typical uses of the medium. However, I want to use the space of this essay to discuss what didn’t work.

The room that went through the centuries’ variety of techniques did not seem successful. The display cases offered a much narrower view of the display than paintings on a wall do. The room was crowded and I felt the effort this room took to get near the displays detracted from the exhibit overall. One of my favorite aspects of museums is that you can view pieces from a variety of distances, in this area of the exhibit, that wasn’t possible.

I also thought that the abstract art room wasn’t as successful. The main blurb declared that abstract art had been happening for 3 centuries, but the pieces they had were mostly recent. I also don’t think this should have been the final exhibit, because it seemed the least powerful and interesting of the rooms. The war section would’ve worked much better as the final exhibit.